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Full text of "Deed, Elisha Belding to Elijah Morton, 1765"

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'/-eu. t n. cc 

C3D ail people to whom thefe Prefents fhall come,, <5ttttifl& 
Know Ye, That f J> Z&flfL %W f»f 0/ fltiffi'£& < 

For and in Confideration of the Sum of /#>££ fKn-k c / tLa,t^/i^ m *[2f 

to /7L£ b Hand before the Enfealing hereof, well and truly paid by^, £&/' &^L f/\ c ?T?>1\. frt 

n< 1 

the Receipt whereof / do hereby acknowledge, and /WM fel /• therewith fully fatisfied and 

contented ;,, and thereof, and of every Part and Parcel thereof, do exonerate, acquit and difcharge 

the faid tCtffiuh. ffl cr+Jn **1 

Heirs, Executors and Adminiftrators, forever by thefe Prefents : HAVE given, granted, bargained, fold, 
aliened, conveyed and confirmed; and by thefe Prefents, Do freely, fully and abfolutely give, grant, 
bargain, fell, aliene, convey and confirm, unto f^irrx the faid £jlr i O^A. 9?Lty> fZs**. A */ 

*£ fiunrjM- 7 ?} jgZ-. ^ 7 ^ fy. tft/yrr^&ip/;^ */ && 
?vu. inter ft &*&* easjLcn- • ctUL nuL, A^^s f </a^>* %S,.,«.a 

6 KTtXW^i 



uf^ /o 

3C0 i^at)C atlt) tO $0lD the faid granted and bargained Premifes, with all the Appur- 
tenances, Privileges and Commodities to the fame belonging, or in any wife appertaining to /x-t/71 
the faid C&yaA. m*rm?l /tif jj 

— ^Heirr^and Amgns , forever^ TaAiffX. and ffic] r only proper Ufe Benefit and Behoof forever. 

the faid £&?■■£* #£Th'»*~y&r' ^iy /**$r 


for /ffiy ^ Heirs, Executors and AdmlnifLrators, do" Covenant', Promife and Grant to and with 

Heirs and Affigns, that before the Enfealing hereof, jr a tn. the true, fole and lawful Owner of the 
above bargained Premifes, and /V^n lawfully feizea and poffeffed of the fame in 77V+/ own proper j/ 
Right, as a good, perfect and abfolute Eftate of Inheritance in Fee Simple : And have in flty /-4^c/ 
good Right, full Power and lawful Authority, to grant, bargain, fell, convey and confirm faid bargained ' 
Premifes in Manner as aforefaid : And that ffi € ffcr) <f~£f'/A^K 771 izr~TC^n /tt'f 
Heirs and Affigns, (hall and may from Time to Time, and at all Times forever hereafter, by Force and 
Virtue of thele Prefents, lawfully, peaceably and quietly Have, Hold, Ufe, Occupy, Poffefs and Enjoy 
the faid demifed and bargained Premifes, with the Appurtenances, free and clear, and freely and clearly 
acquitted, exonerated and difcharged of, from all and all Manner of former or other Gifts, Grants, 
Bargains, Sales, Leafes, Mortgages, Wills, Entails, Jointures, Dowries, Judgments, Executions, or Incum- 
brances of what Name or Nature foever, that might in any Meafure or Degree obftruft or make Void 
this prefent Deed. * . ^^~~\ /} * / -4 n?\ / /Z' 

fy 5furtf)enno?e, J m A/*i t^ ^ ^^'^ f^^^y^T ' 

) fofTnf fel/ fyity Heirs, 

Executors and Adminiftrators, do .Covenant and Engage the above-demifed Prertufes /o Kifis. the faid 
£Ci/ask fftt/r-f-esn A/J Heirs and Affigns, 

againil the lawful Claims or Demands of any Perfon or Perfnns whatforver, forever hereafter to 
Warrant, Secure and Defend by thefe Prefents, , 








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